We have a significant question about “Nutaku” a buddy referrer me personally about 4-5 months ago to a casino game We finished up investing almost $300 in a casino game there I went to go back recently to see if anything had changed The game is still there But my character and everything seems to be deleted because I liked to but eventually quit playing due to Real Life reasons and other games for a few months.

the video game never talked about to me personally that perhaps maybe not playing or logging in would delete character information, or i’dnot have invested hardly any money here nevertheless the F.A.Q on Nutaku claims some writers delete games even though there are major concerns we have actually about Nutaku as a business.

Legally the business is covered under their regards to Service.

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Nevertheless the concerns are.

. How can I get hold of the designers we filed a solution about 5 times ago now to your designers, nonetheless it appears that “Nutaku” doesn’t always have a help admission system like “Sony” or some of these other MMORPG businesses on the market which can be very difficult to inform in the event that admission even had properly or just exactly exactly what I wrote and such because I can’t see what. Like 5 days ago but haven’t got a response yet* I did use the contact developer link and sent it.*

Why are games on Nutaku not essential to offer a caution if data will likely to be deleted if a person does not play in just a period that is certain of?

Is Nutaku doing almost anything to need that developers meet specific criteria, or perhaps is everybody else unsafe perhaps perhaps perhaps not to be able to trust the games and developers that “Nutaku” listings there, once more I know Nutaku is covered under their regards to provider lawfully, however it doesn’t make it appropriate, I do believe consumers need to be properly warned on the game itself of if being inactive data will be deleted although I understand $300 isn’t a lot of money.

We have a friends that are few refer me to Nutaku likely to go on and tell them just what took place with getting the information deleted yet not being informed about such in the game or application in concern.

Ideally some body knows a means I’m able to contact the designers, or a spot where I am able to really get hold of help when it comes to this because during my notice it does feel just like “Nutaku” could be a scam while they continue to keep the game up and running and you lose your funds with no return of the funds to your account because they basically charge you the money through ProBiller, then those funds get eaten by 3rd parties using API most likely in which the 3rd party developer is allowed to delete data.

Nutaku won’t have any games on the internet site that delete your data after a couple of months of inactivity.

Contact community@nutaku.net together with your account ID and associated e-mail. We are going to research the presssing problem you are experiencing and acquire it sorted down.

It will not take place within just per year.

I’m yes “Nutaku” is lawfully covered again by this provider carrying this out, nevertheless it does appear that “BBE” Deletes character information without letting users understand in the game it self and within not as much as a 12 months of play time total.

This does keep me personally aided by the concern of can Nutaku as a business be trusted, then what is the policy for other games if BBE does this on their games within less than a year of actually being inactive on a game?

I’ve sent an answer back once again to the consumer help We have was able to get your hands on, plus they said they deliver a contact out telling people to keep coming back before data is deleted nonetheless either such did perhaps perhaps maybe not come through, or went along to my spam field, when I do not earnestly always check mail frequently unless i am aware there will be something crucial somebody is giving me personally or even do online sales and such.

It could be great if “Nutaku” as well as the other game designers had been necessary to notify users that I play other Mobile Games on my phone too sometimes and their policy on some is like 6 months of not logging in, other actual browser games I play I have not played some in 2 years, yet the data is still there, and other games which I have at least put $50 into the data is there many months after not playing if they don’t play within a certain period of time and name how much time their data will be deleted?

Demonstrably I’m sure there defintely won’t be any reimbursement with this in relation to lost funds, and I also really do not care much that they delete data about it, but what really bothers me is running across 1 out of many gaming companies which I have done business with that actually pull this off, writing a long Terms OF Service to legally cover themselves, and using a third party billing company, so if their support declines to fix the issue I will be forced to contact PayPal, and my Bank, again I know I won’t be getting any funds back being 6 months ago, however as a company if they get too many reports like this, they could end up blocking transactions from future paying customers, and, or warn them, especially having saved copies of emails proving from the company themselves. Now possibly this really isn’t “Nutaku” as an organization “Moral Wise” outside the (TOS) is not accountable, and it is completely legit, I would personallyn’t understand as this will be my very first time running into any problem, however it does look pretty fishy in my experience nevertheless as the very first time ever to perform into this kind of problem.

And IMO the very most “Nutaku” happens to be conscious of the corporation deleting information within not as much as a 12 months of playing, i am hoping that “Nutaku” can set requirements that third party designers want to follow such as for instance informing users of these information deletion policy in the foreseeable future, or do not bother detailing their games on “Nutaku” it creates the business as being a whole appearance really bad whenever things like this occurs, as well as Steam has policies that third party designers must follow, and perhaps eliminated and de-listed games.

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