HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card ying in charge of your currenci that are global

To any extent further, remaining in control of your worldwide currencies has become easier than ever before

To any extent further, whether you’re shopping in the home or travelling abroad, staying in control of your global currencies has never ever been easier. With a card built around 12 major currencies, you can easily go shopping online, buy things, and withdraw money at HSBC Group ATMs across the world, with zero charges.

you’ll want an account that is integrated use . 1

Why you’ll are interested

Comfortable access to currencies that are major

Your acquisitions and money withdrawals in 12 major currencies could be debited straight through the matching foreign exchange deposits in your HSBC integrated account. These currencies include HKD, USD, GBP, JPY, RMB, EUR, THB, AUD, NZD, SGD, CAD and CHF. Any acquisitions away from these currencies is likely to be settled in HKD based on the prevailing trade price.

$0 costs for the acquisitions

No matter whether you’re creating a purchase in shop or shopping on the net, we won’t charge you managing fees for any deals in the home or abroad.

Totally totally Free cash withdrawals all over the world

Withdraw money from HSBC Group ATMs any place in the global globe, without any maneuvering costs.

Earn on every purchase

Have a 0.4% money rebate on all purchases that are eligible alongside the funds you will conserve with $0 transaction fees.

Getting your card ready

Step One

Ensure you Get your card on mobile (this particular feature will be around at the beginning of 2021)

If you are already an account that is integrated, ensure you get your debit card application processed immediately regarding the HSBC HK Cellphone Banking software. Merely select “Explore products and services” when you get on the application.

Instead, you are welcome to make contact with us straight to make an application for your card.

Step 2

Activate your card

As soon as your real card comes, it is possible to stimulate it by entering your card expiration date in the “Manage Debit Cards” web page on the HSBC HK Cellphone Banking software.


HSBC account that is integrated 1

Today enjoy all the benefits of having a multi-currency card.

Maybe maybe Not an account that is integrated yet?

If you should be starting an innovative new HSBC Premier or HSBC One account, you could request the HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card in addition. 2

Submit An Application For an HSBC Premier Account:

Make An Application For an HSBC One Account:

Down load the HSBC HK Mobile Banking application and start a free account in mins 3

just What else can I understand


  1. Non-Jade customers can put on for the HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card and HSBC Jade clients can use for this employing their HSBC One or Personal built-in Account. HSBC Jade customers may apply for and also check into the HSBC Jade Mastercard® Debit Card through their HSBC Jade Director.
  2. It is possible to pick the newly launched HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card and/or the existing HSBC UnionPay Debit Card upon opening your brand-new account that is integrated a branch.
  3. To open up a free account via mobile banking, you need to: • be a resident that is permanent 18-65 moving into Hong Kong. • perhaps perhaps not currently hold any HSBC bank or investment accounts, or charge cards.

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