Elizabeth “Betty” Mccartney are Stan’s woman and Jack Black’s ex-wife.

She has got a lot of men after the husband port left the household, nonetheless they had been all kidnapped and delivered to an area by Stan who had been afraid they would mostly harmed the exactly like their pops have. Betty marries Hercules in “Oedipal underwear” who had been nearly kidnapped by Stan. Once Francine is definitely informing Roger about Stan’s youth he has a flashback of his or her pops Jack leaving your along with his mummy Betty. She declines in deep love with, and later marries, a Greek slaughter named Hercules.

Stan relates to his woman as “beautiful and sexy” in “a Gret inside Hand” as he proposes to allow fill Steve’s erectile awareness.

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Michelle requires Stan on vacation to a past ascertain his own children in “the number one xmas history Never”.

Stan admits using up out his parent’s summer residence as soon as refuted a cupcake in “i cannot Stan we”.

Stan admits creating his or her woman as a grandfather shape poised him or her in “joints Custody”. Roger likewise attempts to suspect Betty’s maiden label as soon as searching monitor Stan through his or her visa or mastercard, but can only think of anything Italian like “frappuccino.”

Hercules and Betty Handly appear in the viewers in “Phantom associated with the Telethon”.

Roger conveys to Stan to call their mama to become to blame for the girl death in “Weiner of one’s Discontent”. She additionally cheers chatrandom on Tank Bates at FedExField in “Daddy Queerest”.

Stan claims seizing his mom’s 401K on his own 14th special birthday in “Man inside the Moonbounce”.

She appears at Pizza Overlord soon after Stan and Francine’s vow revewal in “Shallow Vows”.

Stan discusses his own mom separation with Steve while appearing as a bully in “Bully for Steve”.

In “Stan’s ideal Friend”, after Stan’s father port put, she tricked Stan into killing his or her puppy Freddy.

She shows up again in a flashback in “Stan’s meal bistro” after port makes the household.

Hercules passes away in “United states Stepdad” and she reveals to Stan and Francine the funeral provides kept her split. They request her ahead put up with them and hit Roger away from the attic to help area on her behalf. But when Stan shows up homes later, this individual finds that Jeff Fischer is going Roger’s things back once again upstairs and then he and Betty reveal that they got joined under Roger’s character of Tom Yabo. Initially, Stan feels that Roger should be only looking to get back in their attic, however they bond equally Betty and Roger drop by Niagara lies for a honeymoon. Stan sees facts that suggests that Roger systems of destroying his mother, but when the man arrives at the fall prevent him Betty explains that this chick in the offing on eradicating Roger towards insurance. When this broad tries to force Roger in the lies, they both slide and Stan holds both but is unable to save your self the pair. If you wish to manage their connection with Stan, Roger sacrifices himself but turns up leading a trip collection in the falls. Betty transfers to Paris, France on Tom Yabo’s term life insurance but is unhappy when this bimbo stops in a theater to determine smooth and the angry 7 only to discover she lost most gay intercourse moments.

Betty also shows up during the ensemble of “circulation Crieth Unto Heaven” so that as an unknown background individual in “Roger moves the Bar”. Roger claims them slumbering with a gardener for a fortnight in “currently and Gwen”.

She’s a savage survivors in “both Hundred”.

If Jack’s ghost teases Stan for wear close jeans in “soul Dad”, he says he or she received his mom’s phallus.

Steve tries to created kids pine which includes Betty in “The Old place”.

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